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History of Hogan’s

Right in the heart of Connecticut’s rolling hills you’ll find Hogan’s Cider Mill which has been producing cider in the same classic method since 1912. 

Patrick Hogan, the son of Irish immigrants started the production of apple cider at the mill in 1912. After their father died in 1917, Richard and Morris Hogan then took over. 

Hogan’s agricultural presence led to their cider mill becoming an institution, of sorts, in Burlington and beyond. Numerous references can be found in the Hartford Courant during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, to the present day. The annual fall pilgrimages to Hogan’s is a tradition passed from generation to generation.

The Dunlops Took Over in 1992

In 1992 Chet Dunlop PGA Golf Pro and his wife Theresa Clifford Dunlop took over operation of the mill and opened The New England School of Golf in the back of property, where Dunlop a nationally-recognized golf coach continues to offer golf lessons.

Dunlop learned the ropes of cider production from the 50 years of combined experience of Wendell Gunn and Martin Szczesniak, Morris Hogan’s long-time faithful employees.

Over the years the Dunlops have not only preserved the historic sweet cider tradition of the Mill but have also branched out into the production of Hard Cider. Now with over 20 varieties to choose from, Hogan’s family-friendly Tap Room has expanded into a new outdoor venue. Hogan’s Cider Mill is a destination that embraces New England traditions and offers good old fashioned family fun!

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